KLiKK – Grievance Redressal Mechanism

If you have any grievances related to content title, its age ratings, title descriptions or synopsis, content advisories, or tags, you can raise a content grievance with us. 

Please write to our Grievance Officer- Ms.Teresa Dsouza at grievance@klikk.co.in  

Kindly provide the following details along with your complaint for quick resolution: 

Please note that in the absence of the complaint not filed in the aforesaid format and/or incomplete and/or misleading and vague in nature, the complaint will be considered as   " invalid complaint "  

Based on the complaint raised, we will take reasonable measures to resolve the concern and if required, may also seek further information from you . 

For any other query/inquiry/ issues or suggestions you can write to our support id - support@klikk.co.in  

Process for resolving Grievances:  

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