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Roopkathar Radio

2021 U/A 13+ Drama, Family, Musical
Director - Sayan Dasgupta
Artists - Biswanath Basu , Lama Halder, Sujata Daw, Pinky Banerjee, Samir Biswas, Baby Sarkar, Tarun Chakraborty
Roopkathar Radio is a musical romantic extravaganza which tells the story of Chowdhury family of North Kolkata. An ancestral mansion where the Chowdhury family resides with their dreams and griefs. Durga Puja is round the corner. Local promoter cum muscle man Bhabotosh is trying to snatch the house from Chowdhurys as he wants to build a high riser in that plot.
On the day of Mahalaya a couple, Rudra and Shibani appear as tenant in Chowdhury Mansion. Emotions and equations start changing immediately. At last Bhabotosh is being defeated by the family members with help of Rudra and Shibani. Oli the grand daughter of Chowdhury’s realises her true love.
Roopkothar Radio is a bouquet of emotions painted in the canvas of life, mundane life which is the most beautiful experience we may ever have.
Mahalaya | Roopkathar Radio | Season1, Ep.01
Bodhon | Roopkathar Radio | Season1, Ep.02
Nabapotrika | Roopkathar Radio | Season1, Ep.03
Anjali | Roopkathar Radio | Season1, Ep.04
Sandhi Puja | Roopkathar Radio | Season1, Ep.05
Bijoya | Roopkathar Radio | Season1, Ep.06
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