2022 A 18+ IMDb 8.2 Thriller, Crime
Director - Raja Chanda
Artists - Saurav Das, Manosi Sengupta, Biplab Bandyopadhyay, Paean Sarkar, Devtanu
Shy lad Aditya is engaged to be married to Kaushani, when a grave incident mars the imminent wedlock. A shattered Aditya has to come to terms with the fact that his beloved Kaushani was gang raped and killed. Devastated, he comes to know about the three culprits who perpetrated the hideous crime. One amongst them was Kaushani's close family friend. The normally reticent lad Aditya goes through a radical changeover and goes about to seek brutal vengeance to bring justice to Kaushani and her family.
Starting From Zero | Katakuti | Season1, Ep. 01
Phool Panjika | Katakuti | Season1, Ep. 02
The Victim | Katakuti | Season1, Ep. 03
The Transition | Katakuti | Season1, Ep. 04
The Chase | Katakuti | Season1, Ep. 05
Black Rose | Katakuti | Season1, Ep. 06
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